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At the start of the month, ravi is in makara rasi and  moves to kumbha on 14th of the month. Kuja transits in dhanur rasi till 5th February and moves to his exaltation sign, makara on 6th. Budha is in dhanur rasi on the first day of the month. He transits in makara rasi from 2nd to 20th February. And on 21st enters kumbha. Budha is combust from 8th of the month. Guru, shani, rahu and ketu continue their transits in mesha, kumbha, meena and kanya rasis respectively. Shani is combust from from 12th February to 17th March. Shukra is in dhanur rasi till 12th and moves to makara on 13th.
Rasi wise forecast for February, 2024

Excellent professional progress in the entire month. You can expect a grand promotion in the first half. You will excel with your managerial skills. Journalists, accountants and lawyers have good time. You have lot of success in property matters. Religious tours do not happen. You can make long term investments.

Businesses related to insulators, glass, precious stones and gold go on well. You should be careful about strangers and outlandish investment proposals. There are no liver detoxers nor soul cleansers! In the mean time, you always get help and support from unexpected corners, ketu is favorable in 6th.

First half has some issues related to higher authorities and elders in the family. You are not in mood for any religious pursuits. You are highly critical of religious practices - everything under religious flags looks filthy. In the second half there is good growth in professional matters. You will not care about politeness and tend to be blunt in your views. This causes fire and heat with your bosses.

You have many plans for investments but nothing works. Your dues do not come in time. Many people of vrishabha lagna may loose jobs if they are not careful. Sudden income but the amount is not significant. There is always one or the other worries regarding children.

You are ripped apart in different directions. Good things first: Lot of wealth and costly purchases in the entire month, particularly from 12th. Many people of this sign get married and/or settle in life with well paying jobs. Your investments in mutual funds, bonds and the like brings great fortune. The bad things are related to marital life, relationship with higher officers and domestic problems. Frequent quarrels break out and you feel it is going to end. Profession though not bad, has lots and lots of time bound tensions.

Relationship with family members is not bad but there are frequent repairs to house, vehicle and tools. Online shopping cart displays a big gold figurine but what you get after a week is 6mm microscopic gold plated doll! Success in higher studies is not easy. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse ravi and kuja. A bit of caution is required. Budha in benefic 8th will see no harm comes to you.

Raw courage and belief in some thing like the locket given to you by Guruji ensure your safe passage through troubled waters. There is good amount of income and purchase of costly articles from 20th of the month. You are prone to cuts and wounds. Marital life is not good. You tend to take loans on small pretext. Be careful the noose does not hut until it is pulled. There is lot of work in the office.

You are aware, people are taking undue benefit of your helping nature. You can not help this - you want to be immersed in work that you forget your personal problems. You are able to save considerable amount. Care take your wealth is not robbed by your partner. Just recite any sloka for any god that comes to your mind. Even that may not be possible, religious recourses do not appeal to you.

A mixed month of neck to neck encounters, religious mentality, luck, financial strains and fears. You have lot of fights of various nature with your competitors and higher authorities. You will outsmart all these and the victory garlands you. You are lucky as the trend, though it seems against you, will ultimately work for your benefit. There is success but when the fight is going on, people round cast you off as fighting cock.
Kanya :

Long term loans are available as per your terms. It is a good time to purchase high value assets like land, flat and buildings.

A very happy marital life. Many people of this sign get married or land in well paying jobs. You can expect a long distance transfer and a challenging job where you will realize quite early that you have to outsmart powerful old timers. You can and will take care of this problem effectively in no time. This irritation will lead to higher achievements in long run.

A rich friend will come and take you on a free pleasure trip or trekking. His influence and energy levels are exemplary. After this escapade, you are left sapless. You may have some discomfort like fever, severe muscular pain and it takes some time to restore normalcy. This also elevates your status as a close friend of VIP. There is also other face of it. You do not agree with him completely and there are some moments of discomfort to both.

However, this does not damage relationship or enjoyment. Financial situation is very excellent. You can purchase some land or plot for future development and loans are easily available for this. You should be careful in financial matters as you are easily tempted to make strange investments like bit coins, offshore banking or uranium mining on Uranus! Fear of ill health will boost healthy habits.

Financial strains in the first half and affluence in the second half. In the entire month, you will find an oasis of gold coins in your pocket! The more you spend, there is more to spend, thanks to shukra over your rasi and in 2nd. These are for you enjoyment like car, gold, costly dress or a trip abroad. You are not keen on making properties out of this surplus cash.

There are good friends to support you. You derive energy and courage quite suddenly and unexpectedly. From 14th of the month, there is purchase of costly things and enjoyment of life. Finances are great from 20th of February. In the entire month, you are more concerned about your prestige, dignity and such lofty ideals. You will force yourself to almost impossible situations - particularly if you are a sportsperson or agriculturist - and land in severe physical strains. Do not talk about controversial subjects.

You are happy in life but this does not come easily. You search for the opportunities to be happy. Otherwise you will be cursing and simply miss a previous moment. You are on saving mentality but you should resist spend to keep false prestige, shani is combust. You are attracted towards occult sciences and parapsychology. Obscure whatsups like a sad guru drinking snake venom and patting his stomach seem to be more reliable in the name of ancient culture of the country!

Good amount of success in wealth matters. A promotion or good posting in the first week of the month. These are all that matters. You have good health and desire to enjoy life. Do not strain yourself in comprehending your life, just let it go for the time being. There are lot of work related challenges.

Trips to distant lands will not do any help. Expected help and support from friends is just expected. The advantage is that you are very slow to react. This natural mechanism will protect you from adverse trends. Sleep well, do not curse and loose your cool. Before bed time, recite any sloka of your choice for kali mata. This will ward off unreasonable fears and horrid dreams that you lost your job, wife left and you were cleaning (backside of) a Bubalus bubalis (largest buffalo in the country).

There are some adverse situations in profession till 11th of the month, particularly in the first week. Have patience and tackle the situation with immense calm as you are easily irritated. This will not solve the problem. You have to try for sponsorship or tie-up, even if you are rejected in the first attempt.

Success and property purchases go well. Though you have much money, it wont come when you want. Likewise, you refuse to spend when you have! You are always on saving mode. Many people know you, rather knew all about you - and now you know it! This brings colossal confidence. You are easily irritate with your spouse and business partner.
There is marital discard in the entire month but it is due to loans, work tensions than personal reasons. Though marital life is not good, there is no danger. There is always some concern about money matters. You are prone to cuts and wounds as rahu transits in 8th, particularly in last week due to adverse budha. At times, you cannot fight, your hands are tied by something stay order by the court. You will constantly realize that luck is on your side thought everything is piled against you. You should recite gayatri mantra for rahu, minimum 21 times a day. Visit temples on Thursdays. The more religious you are, the less problems.
Shukra in 4th and shani in own sign in 6th are very adorable combination for this. These do not happen easily, you are set against delays and uncertainties; guru transits in worst 8th. You will enjoy life by purchase of vehicles, gold, high value objects. Professional life is excellent during second half, particularly from 20th. Relationship with children is terrible; there is nothing you can do. You should control your temper and should not enter into disputed area. You are able to save considerable amount and improve you health. Chronic diseases will come to an end.
You will purchase costly things, vehicles but it is not possible to purchase gold or properties. You are happy, you have lot of money, a good home, interest in learning, good opportunities but you are not happy as there is lot of suffocation in the office. You may to spend more time in the office, even on weekends. Good relationship with friends and relatives. There is steady progress of your children but you are restless as you are not able to save them more. At times, sleepless nights or disturbed sleep due to strange dreams due to ketu in 12th.
Relationship with friends is excellent. You find immense happiness in meeting old friends. These people (they are very few) and very much helpful. All the electronic gadgets in the house will breakdown in queue; some can not be revived. Be careful while you order costly things. Ensure it is guaranteed. Expected progress regarding children is not seen.