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Welcome to
Who is the World famous astrologer
all over India?!!
IT IS NOT I!   On the contrary.....

i am an ordinary astrologer like anyone else. My fame = several thousands divided by whole population of the world.  Fortunately, it is not a negative integer, though near to zero!
"If I can do that, anybody in the world can do it, perhaps even better"  said the teacher to David Dorian Ross, famous Thai Chi Master in US.
Born and brought up in a religious Purohit (priest) family, I was initiated to jyotishya (astrology), purohitya in my younger days by my grand father Sri Narasimha Murthy Jois, who was honored by Sri Sri Shankarachaya of Sringeri Sharada Peeta, Karnataka. In my school days, I thought that my grand father was an easily available psychologist for the villagers and astrology was sheer non-sense that gives livelihood to Brahmins (usually poor). I was able to make the charts and deduce the results, but did not believe it works. Indeed, it was a hard time to some astrologers (including my kind but short tempered grandfather!) But one thing, I would do my ground work before I talk - unlike the rationalists.

My time is divided into pooja, yogabhyasa, astrological consultations in person, by post and via internet. I was initiated to yogabhyasa (asana, pranayama, dhyana) at the my age of 10 years by Sri Raghavendra Rao. Unlike the present cult gurus who mix 2-3 asanas with a dog like breathing (swana pranayama)- as if it is the ultimate- my guru taught only asanas for a complete year. It was followed by pranayama for the next year, when we perfected in asanas. The final year was for chakra awareness. Nowadays, all these can be learnt in 90 days!
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Dasha bhukti analysis based on various factors, annual chart analysis, Bird's View of the Horoscope etc.,

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Yearly forecast for all rasis based on transit of major planets and eclipses

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Monthly Forecast for all signs
Monthly forecast for all rasis based on transit of major planets and eclipses

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Articles on astrology
Transit of Shani, Guru and Rahu/ketu
Personality of all signs, Why do we believe in astrology?
In acuracies in Panchanga, Is astrology a science?
Does astrologer know his own fate? Twins in astrology and Many more....

Potpourri of sorts
Do remedial measures work? Reincarnation, Idolatry, Freedom & Hussain, Mahatma Gandh- man,superman, father of the nation & politician, Intuition, Ugadi, Laughing Buddha
and Many more....

Yoga Corner
Concentration, relaxation & meditation, yoga articles, pranayama
and Many more....

Mukta hasta shirshasana Ekapada urdhwa dhanurasana Urdhwa padmasana Marichasana Upavishta konasana Tittibhasana Bhuja peedasana Ekapada koundinyasana Ekapada uttana muyurasana Ardha baddhapadma paschimootttnasana Krounchasana Dwipada koundinyasana Bakasana Baddha konasasa Skandhasana Ruchikasana Shalabhasana Vamadevsana Urdhwa prasarita ekapadasana Parshwothanasana Kashyapasana Vashishtasana Ekapada shirshasana Ubhaya  padangusthasana Parivruthyikapada shirshasana Ekapada rajakapotasana Padmasana
Mukta hasta shirshasana
You must have noticed that payment gate wasy buttons are replaced by QR codes of my mobile to receive payments. The payment gateway  told to submit KYC, IFSC number etc., which I promptly did. Despite this, the amount was withhold for nearly six months. I had to raise a complaint to highest authority to get my money back.  If your money is withheld by payment gateway, mark my words - submit the KYC (& there will be no action!) and go on raising your complaint to higher levels! I am already downsizing and there is no point in expansion.

QR codes have restrictions; if the number of permissible transactions exceeds, I have to tell the payer to pay next day!  Anyway I am happy, I am in charge. I do not wish to have any more dealing with the gateway.

Due to general elections, I selected to blackout political predictions and many pages were redesigned removing references to politics. Since two months, I am not giving any mundane forecast. That takes lot of time to draw up and I am running short of time.  Also, I have lost interest in making mundane predictions. The world goes on with me or without me!